Print to the People is an artist led, social enterprise dedicated to the production and promotion of traditional printmaking processes, established in 2009.


Print to the People was established by Jo Stafford and Vicki Johnson and with the help of volunteers, we provide affordable and accessible printmaking facilities for artists, designers, students, community groups and the public. We also provide printmaking courses and mobile screen printing activities ideal for indoor and outdoor events. We often work in collaboration with local arts organisations and education providers to promote printmaking to a wider audience.  


Our screen printing facilities have always been at the centre of our activities. After expanding into new premises in early 2015 we are able to offer a wider range of public services which now include intaglio processes and Risograph editioning. We also have a new sister site 'Letterpress At The Lodge' whihc opened in March 2020 - find our more about our Letterpress offering here.




Print to the People are currently based at the Box Factory (53-55 Pitt St, Norwich), our own premises dedicated to all things print. Vicki and Jo have joined forces with Paul McNeill, Laura White and Toby Rampton to support the delivery of our new services and our growing studio membership.  

However, PTTP started life as part of Stew Studios, a Norwich based not for profit, artist led organisation which provided a hire-able gallery space and low rent artist studios. Stew Studios closed in 2015 but we will always be grateful for the help and support of its members, Without Stew Studios, Print to the People would not be what it is today.  


To find out more about how PTTP started see Jo's Lockdown Lesson video here.

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