If you have already paid for your studio membership this year your subscription will be extended for 1 year

If you have any queries please email :


If you have had previous experience screen printing and wish to start using our facilities you must first have an induction and sign up for our yearly membership.

However experienced you are you must attend an induction session to familiarise yourself with the equipment and materials we use,

to learn about access arrangements and to ensure safe working practice.



£5 per person / group size 6-10

For lastest dates please check in our shop


This induction is designed for individuals with at least 8 hours previous screen printing experience who wish to use our open access sessions to print independently.

Our induction covers, good practice, how to use our studio safely and how our open access sessions work. There will be time for questions about individual projects.


The induction lasts one hour.


Before your induction please read our induction pack and Health and Safety document below. You can download these by clicking the links below.


We will no longer be handing out hard copies of this pack to reduce our use of paper


As a member you will be able to book in to use our open access sessions using the websitesite below.  Session availability is dependent on our technicians, other studio users, advance group bookings and our course programme. 

Bookings must be made two weeks in advance via our online system:


Currently three-hour sessions can be booked on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays


Each three hour session will cost £15.

(Your first session after joining will cost £30 to cover hr hour of dedicated support from a technician to make sure you are confident working in our studios independantly)

(Our opening times are subject to change; please keep an eye on our social media, blog and newsletter for any updates)


A technician will always be in the premises to give you access to the building, get you set up and supply any materials you need.  Our technicians are there to assist you in the use of our facilities and trouble shoot any technical/mechanical issues. Outside of this you will be expected to work independently.


Cancellations made 1 week before your booking will not be charged, cancellations after this date will be charged. This will include your session time and any screens coated in advance. Please only book a slot if you are definitely going to use it as it is unfair on other studio users.



Screens for textiles and paper printing are available to hire from us for a weekly rate of £5 per screen regardless of size or mesh count. 43/90/120 mesh counts available.

Our screen sizes range from 20 X 24 inches to 90 X 115 inches
(the biggest we can fit in our exposure unit!)

Please book your screen/s at the same time as your session time. If you would like to use your own screens please discuss this with the technician in advance (and make sure your screen/s are easy to identify)


Screens are coated once weekly by our technicians. Charges will vary depending on the size of the screen/s.

Small (A4-A3) - £2.50

Medium (A3-A2) - £5

Large (A1) - £10


Basic materials are available to buy from your technician during your session however please check with us that we have everything you need when you make your booking, especially if you require a larger quantity. We currently stock a range of inks, binders and papers at competitive prices.

Arrangements can be made for more specialist items through our suppliers if given sufficient notice. You can also use your own materials but please discuss this with the technician (especially if you would like to use your own binders as we only allow the use of water based products).


Your studio bill will be payable at the end of each session. This will include any session time, screen hire, screen coating, materials (and studio membership if it is your first session with us). We can only accept cash, we cannot process card payments at this time. Please ensure you have enough money with you to pay your bill. The nearest cash machine is 5 minutes walk from the studio on Magdalen St.  



As a member you will have access to:

Two paper screen beds

table 1 printable dimensions 125x85cm 

table 2 printable dimentions115x80cm

One textile printing table 

printable dimensions: 135 x265cm

Two heat presses

1: dimension: 45x38cm

2: dimension: 38x38cm

An in house exposure unit 

maximum screen size 120x90cm

One large wash down booth

Screen hire services

 A range of mesh counts and sizes available for use in our studio


corresponding squeegees in a range of sizes
suitable for paper and textile screen pirnting 

Screen coating & stripping services

We can coat and strip your own screens for use inside or outside of our studio

Inks, paper & specialist suppliers 

We stock a range of materials at competative prices and can order specialist materials through our suppliers in advance.